Results of Fifth Ballot — Stokes Elected Twelfth Bishop of New Jersey!

The results of the fifth ballot in the election for Twelfth Bishop of New Jersey:

Diocese of New Jersey – Election of XII Bishop — Ballot 5

The report on the results of Ballot No. 5. Note that names are listed in the randomized order that they appear on the ballot.
Total Clergy
Total Lay
Total Votes
The Rev. Canon Melissa M. Skelton44124168
The Rev. Canon William H. Stokes124204328
The Rev. Dr. Allen F. Robinson184058

Clergy votes cast = 186 (clergy majority = 94)

Lay votes cast = 386 (lay majority = 185)

For an election of bishop a majority is required in both the order of laity and the order of clergy.

The Reverend Canon William (“Chip”) H. Stokes is elected bishop