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Ms. Valaida Guerrero, Chairperson
The Very Reverend J. Matthew Tucker, Vice Chairperson
The Reverend Dr. Maria B. Sanzo, Chaplain
Mr. Morris Anderson 
The Reverend Jorge Antoneli
Ms. Wendy Blackman            
Ms. Annette Buchanan
The Reverend Allison Burns-LaGreca          
The Reverend Susanna Cates
The Reverend Naomi M. Cressman, Deacon
The Reverend Micah Cronin      
Mr. Tal Kramer         
Ms. Linda Macklin
Ms. Ashley Maddison                        
The Reverend Canon Andy Moore   
Mr. Martin Nelson     
The Reverend Sharon Patterson
The Reverend Trisha Thorme, Deacon 
Ms. Alice Barnes Vasser     
Mr. Donaldo Vidal                            
The Reverend Allen Wakabayashi    
Ms. Katherine Young
The Very Reverend Ronald H. Clingenpeel, Consultant

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