Rector, Good Samaritan Episcopal Church, San Diego, California

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I grew up in a large Italian Catholic family in Silicon Valley, and during my childhood, I frequently asked if I could be a priest. Unfortunately, the answer was no; this saddened me because I frequently played priest as a child and gave my neighbors and cousins Communion. 

I earned my BA at Northwestern University, where I met my husband; we got married as undergraduates. I then earned an MA in English and Creative Writing. After that, I worked as a technical writer and was quickly promoted to manager and director roles at companies such as Intuit and Netflix.

After our daughter was born, my husband experienced a psychological breakdown and filed for divorce. I raised Georgia alone, and when she was 10, I began my second career as a community college English professor, thinking that was my true vocation. 

But then I walked into an Episcopal church and saw a woman celebrating the Eucharist, and I had a series of flashbacks to times in childhood when I had asked if I could be a priest. That is when I sensed God calling me to be an Episcopal priest. I also experienced a call to be celibate, and I have lived out a vow of celibacy since 2004. Jesus is my constant companion, the first and last person I talk to each day. Another aspect of my spirituality is my formation as a Third Order Franciscan.

When my daughter went to college, I earned my M.Div. at Yale Divinity School. I was encouraged to pursue a doctorate in systematic theology, so I began a Ph.D. program at Fordham University. However, I quickly realized that my heart was in parish work, so I left after only one year. While in New York, I served at Christ Church Bronxville as theologian in residence, where we practiced Anglo-Catholic worship.

I was then called as a Senior Associate at All Saints Church in Pasadena, CA, which worships in broad church style. I oversaw all the affinity groups, the new member process, stewardship, and more. I also was one of the Spanish-speaking priests in their Spanish services. Since February of 2016, I have served as the Rector of Good Samaritan Episcopal Church in San Diego, which has a contemporary, evangelical style of worship. In addition, I have served in numerous leadership roles in the Diocese of San Diego, as well as in local and statewide advocacy and outreach groups.

For fun, I love to cycle, hike, cook, go to films and the theater, socialize with friends, and play classical piano.

I’m thrilled at the possibility of returning to the East Coast, where I have many friends and cousins, and to join in the work of your diocese. The Diocese of New Jersey is a gem due to the depth and breadth of diversity in your communities, your intentional efforts at discipleship across cultures and generations, your service to your neighbors, and more. I look forward to meeting you soon so we can dream together.

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