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Petition Nomination for the Election of the Bishop of New Jersey

Nominating a priest by petition to the Process to Elect the 13th Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of New Jersey.

The Bishop Search and Nomination Committee has labored for more than a year to produce a profile for the Diocese, receive nominations, vet candidates, check references, review background checks and meet with candidates both electronically and in person.  In addition, the Committee has spent many hours in prayer and discernment to produce the Slate for the election of the next bishop.  The Canons of the Diocese of New Jersey allow for a period of reflection, prayer and discernment before the final slate is closed, and this is called the Petition Process.  During these thirty days, the members of the Diocese may reflect on the published Slate and determine if the Slate shall stand alone, or if others might be added to that Slate.  The following are the requirements for adding a petition candidate to the Slate.  All forms and other documents must be submitted to the Bishop Search Committee via email (  by 5 p.m., Eastern Time, on November 29,2022.  All documents must be complete at the time of submission. The Bishop Search and Nomination Committee will announce to the Diocese, after completing a rigorous evaluation process, any qualified petition nominees.

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