The History Of Episcopal Church

episcopalsIt is believed that the Episcopal Church dates back in the second century. This is the time that the Church of England was established. It should be noted that the Episcopal Church derives from the Church of England which dates back in the 2nd century. The two churches share a common history. It was during the early trade that took place in England that the church was established. The traders thought that it was necessary to have a place of worship. This would serve them any time they stopped by England on their way to other countries. Their plan was executed successfully and traders now had a place of worship.

However, the Church of England underwent some major reforms back in the 16th century. It should be noted that the first Episcopal Church was under the papal restrictions which were of course limiting. In that regime, it was mandatory for any church to recognize St. Augustine of Canterbury Mission. He was one of the most powerful founders of the church hence the demand for all churches to acknowledge him. This was however not to take long after the reformation of the Church of England was brought about.

The rules that governed the Church of England and its derivatives were loosened after the reform took place. This time, there was no need to recognize St Augustine. The church now had the freedom to operate on free wings. It was then that the prominence of Episcopal Church started going viral gradually. In fact, the Church of England began establishing its branches in all continents across the globe. Bearing in mind that Episcopal Church is a derivative of the Church of England, it also went viral.

However, it should be noted that despite the Episcopal church gaining its independence, ties with the mother church still remained. Even in the modern world, you will notice some Anglican Church traits in Episcopal Church. The church is now one of the most profound in history.

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