Videos Featuring the Nominees for Bishop Available for Viewing

Videos featuring the nine nominees for Twelfth Bishop of New Jersey have been published on YouTube and are available for viewing at the Bishop Search NJ YouTube channel:

The videos were produced by the nominees. Other than the stipulation that the video be no longer than five minutes, the nominees received no other guidelines, so these videos show their personalities, priorities and dreams for the Episcopal Diocese of New Jersey.

Members of the Diocese of New Jersey may meet the nominees for bishop in a series of “walkabouts” scheduled for April 22–24.

The special convention for electing the Twelfth Bishop of New Jersey is scheduled for Saturday, May 4, 2013, at Trinity Cathedral in Trenton.

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The Standing Committee of the Episcopal Diocese of New Jersey has announced a slate of six nominees to stand for election as the diocese’s twelfth bishop.

The nominees are:

  • The Reverend David Anderson, 56, rector of St. Luke’s Parish in Darien, CT;
  • The Reverend Dr. Joan Beilstein, 52, rector of Church of the Ascension in Silver Spring, MD;
  • The Reverend Dr. Allen F. Robinson, 42, rector of St. James’ Church in Baltimore, MD;
  • The Reverend Canon Melissa M. Skelton, 61, rector of St. Paul’s Church in Seattle, WA; and Canon for Congregational Development and Leadership of the Diocese of Olympia
  • The Reverend Canon William Stokes, 55, rector of St. Paul’s Church in Delray Beach, FL;
  • The Reverend Martha Sylvia Ovalle Vásquez, 60, rector of St. Paul’s Church in Walnut Creek, CA.

Detailed information about the six nominees is available here.

A petition process for submitting additional candidates will run until Feb. 27. The petition form is available here.

The nominees will participate in a visit to the diocese April 22–24, 2013, during which time they will meet with clergy and lay people of the diocese.

The bishop election will take place on May 4 and the ordination is scheduled for Nov. 2.

The twelfth bishop will succeed the Rt. Rev. George Edward Councell who has served as the diocese’s eleventh bishop since 2003.

About the election of bishops in the Episcopal Church: Bishops in the Episcopal Church are ordained in the historic apostolic succession by the laying on of hands by bishops themselves similarly consecrated in a succession going back by tradition to the apostles, who were witnesses to the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. Bishops are elected by lay delegates representing the churches of the diocese and by the clergy. Candidates for bishop are nominated by processes involving laity and clergy of the diocese.

About the Diocese of New Jersey: The Diocese of New Jersey ranks sixth among dioceses in the number of churches and tenth in the number of members in the Episcopal Church. For more information click here.

About the Episcopal Church: The Episcopal Church consist of 109 dioceses and three regional areas in 16 nations. The Episcopal Church traces its origins to the Church of England in the colonial era, and it is a member province of the worldwide Anglican Communion. For more information click here.

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